Solving Human-to-Machine Relationships since "1998"

Communik8 provide services that assist our clients to assess different technologies and in doing so, align cutting edge technology and business process strategies as per your business requirements. We provide unbiased advice on, planning, designing and implementing information technology systems for all our clients. Our team of  highly skilled IT consultants have the right skill-sets, with strong interpersonal and communication skills to deal effectively with all your IT requirements.

Communik8 has over 23 years of experience in successfully planning, executing and delivering projects to our clients. Organisations have specific software requirements and working with our team of IT consultants we have been able to implement and deliver tailored systems “fit-for-purpose.” Browse our projects page for our recent endeavours:


Communik8 are experts in Business continuity, Open Source technologies and their respective customisations. We have delivered low cost, high quality solutions that have helped many a small -to-medium enterprises rocket sales and expansion in time periods when there have been major financial recessions affecting many countries across the world.

Communik8 has been at the forefront of helping SME’s use overlooked information technology to help better market products and services. Knowledge Discovery Trends analysis and forecasting for future product lines and services have helped many of our client’s businesses become pioneers in their respective areas of expertise and have confidence to “open-as-usual” due to any IT outage.

Large Enterprises

Communik8 provides a number of bleeding edge solutions for your enterprise. Whether it be your core business, products or services, internal processes, marketing, corporate strategies or business continuity planning (BCP). We can help design, develop and deploy software solutions giving you the competitor edge you require.

Communik8 specialises in many robust, platform independent, server-side software technologies, including precision-crafting Secure Transaction Platforms and Data Warehouses for Business Intelligence and Data Analytics. At the heart of our Backup and Disaster Recovery software is the ability to recognize unusual patterns of file access (prevented ransomware attacks). It does this using machine learning (ML) models that are generated in our in dedicated Cloud artificial intelligence (AI) infrastructure, which includes end-to-end encryption of your backups and metadata, protected by irreversibly encrypted passwords.

Our team of highly specialised BCP experts work closely with you to ensure the right Disaster Recovery operations are in place whether it be in your private cloud or in partnership with Amazon Web, Aliyun Services or Google Cloud.

Public Sector

Communik8 provides a number of state-of-the-art, E-Government solutions such as using a new technology that allows file notarization, proving data authenticity via Blockchain technology (best known in the context of digital currencies) which is incorporated into our Backup software, it creates a digital cryptographic hash, or “fingerprint” that is unique for each file so no documents can be changed without traceability or the right authorization.

This  is to help you manage and operate your government processes ensuring that you can deliver premium citizen services both smoothly and efficiently.

Our team, with its vast experience and expertise in implementing Large Scale IT solutions has helped many governments across the globe in their endeavors to provide their respective citizens with contemporary public services and solutions using leading edge and robust technologies pioneered for the 21st century.

Our consultants have a proven track record of precision crafting software and integrated solutions even for the most turbulent of environments.