Enterprise Grade Solutions

Web technology has evolved and diversified into a multitude of specialisations from presentation layer to server side technologies.

The frameworks and architectures are many and varied. Knowing when to use what and when to customise or design and develop solutions from scratch and when to integrate technologies that will fulfil your requirements is a discipline for which Communik8 maintains a top team of experts.

The astounding growth of cellular technology has produced a massive increase in mobile devices and the need for mobile applications continue to rise.

With the advent of mobile technology and a boom in mobile devices the need to develop applications for mobile platforms also has had tremendous growth.

Communik8 uses robust technologies to provide you tiers of technology that are designed to be future technology tolerant.

We always design a set of core technologies tailored for you so that they can be built upon and scaled seamlessly for your ever growing demands and improvements.

Communik8 places in your hand secure, intuitive and user friendly applications, from its Mobile Suite of applications including ‘Workflow in your hand’ (Wiyh), ‘Project Management in your hand’ (PMiyh), ‘Executive in your hand’ (Eiyh) and Sales in your hand (Siyh).

We can craft for you stand alone mobile applications or multi-platform applications of which the mobile target platform would be one component.

All of our applications anchor our strong vision to deploy globally unique technological solutions whether they are designed for the Android or iOS.