Business Process Reengineering

Great, your business or organisation is running and making a healthy profit. The problem is that your Measures and Key Performance Indicators show that your costs, quality of service and efficiency are not where they could be.

Communik8 will help you strategically align your business processes with your business vision making sure that you can optimise your resource utilisation by reengineering those very processes.
Our uniqueness lies in the fact that we will use an agile model in order to identify key areas of improvement within your processes. This may not always mean automation but in most cases we will leverage the power of AI technology to help you in improving the way you do things.

This involves a comprehensive Machine Learning analysis of your current processes and well-defined KPIs to measure them. After detailing a design along with your team, we will iteratively begin refining your existing processes so that we can help ensure and facilitate you to safeguard organisational commitment to change.

In addition Communik8 provides services for Business Process Innovation. This would mean identifying areas wherein set processes do not yet exist. Our core BPR engineers will create new process definitions enhancing your returns while creating better customer value.
Our proven track record shows that all of our customers have reported measurable and increased performances giving substantial cuts in costs and improved customer satisfaction.